Which Car Would you Swap This Ferrari 456 Drivetrain Into?

Someone wrecked this beautiful six-speed 456 coupe, but the engine and transmission still work fine. Which car do you think deserves the setup most?


We've written about plenty of Ferrari 456s in the past, but this one's a little different. It's been wrecked by a previous owner, suffering significant body panel and frame damage. Though it's certainly been totaled, not all is lost: The V12 engine, gated manual transmission, and differential are all in perfect working order, to the point where the car is actually drivable (save for the missing windshield and smashed-in taillights). Currently, it's . Which car would you swap this drivetrain into?

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According to the sellers, the car suffered a rear impact and a "light" rollover, resulting in the damage you see in the pictures below. Pretty much every panel has some damage, and the windshield is missing. The trunk is partially caved in, yet all the wheels look to be aligned properly. The 456 came from the factory with a 442-horsepower V12 connected to a six-speed gated manual shifter sending power to the rear wheels. The current owners made a video detailing the car's condition, going as far as to do a couple of donuts in it to show the drivetrain still works.

Personally, I think this engine would go best in something like an E30-generation BMW 3-Series. I'd leave it totally stock-looking on the outside, too, making for a perfectly proportioned vintage sleeper. The car is . That may sound like a lot for a wrecked car, but considering 456 engines regularly sell for more than this price, we'd say it's a good deal. Let us know in the comments below which car you'd swap this drivetrain into.

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