A Cadillac Eldorado Shooting Brake Exists, And That's Reason Enough to Buy It

It may not be the best looking Eldorado ever built, but it's certainly one of the rarest.


A mid-1970s Cadillac Eldorado is already massive, but if you're the type who can never have too much, considering this ultra-obscure Eldorado shooting brake. It's right now. You should buy it.

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First discovered by , this long-roof Eldorado is the product of a customization company called Wisco, which took stock Eldorados off the production line and converted them to this rather ungainly seven-window two-door wagon design. It's an incredibly rare machine—the seller on eBay claims this is one of just two conversions built in 1975. So if you're looking for exclusivity, this is the wagon for you.

Though the listing only has a limited number of photos, we do get a good look at the body and the inside of that shooting brake rear. Perhaps the coolest feature is the addition of a rear-facing jump seat that folds down when not in use—not something you see in most two-door Cadillacs. The seller reports no issues with the car, which comes with working air conditioning, power windows, leather trim, and, of course, an 8.2-liter V8 sending power to the front wheels via a three-speed automatic transmission. The brakes and tires have recently been replaced, and the custom vinyl roof is in good condition. According to the listing, the car has never been in an accident, which is nice.

The car is currently . Not especially cheap for an oddly converted front-wheel drive luxo-barge, but considering the rarity and outright coolness of this thing, we'd say it's not too outrageous of a price.

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