The Best Way to Test a New Sports Car? Through the Snowy Alps, Of Course

Who needs smooth canyon roads and empty race tracks when you can drive on some tight, broken, salt-covered mountain passes?

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Typically, after carmakers unveil a new car, they invite journalists to drive it in a serene location on smooth, scenic roads, sometimes with time on a race track. While that's all well and good, it doesn't exactly paint a full picture for how the car drives. Sure, it may do great on a track, but how does it do on, let's say, the snow covered roads in the Austrian Alps?

Jason Plato of thought of that when he got to test out the Z4 M Roadster back when it was new in 2006. Instead of bringing it to the nearest circuit or to an empty German B-road, he took it straight to the mountains to feel it out on his own terms.

Despite the less-than-optimal conditions, Plato enjoys his time behind the wheel of the Z4 M, mostly thanks to that magnificent M3-sourced 330-horsepower straight-six engine. Check out his full rundown below, and don't get too angry when he shows off all that road grime.

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