Icon's LS7-Powered 1950 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Is for Sale on eBay

Here's your chance to own one of Jonathan Ward's masterpieces without having to spend years on a waitlist.


Icon 4x4 is famous for building some of the wildest custom cars around. In fact, people are so into founder Jonathan Ward's builds, that there's a several-year waiting list for clients. In case you don't feel like waiting, here's another option. One of Icon's previous builds, an LS7-powered 1950 Buick Roadmaster convertible, has . You should buy it.

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If you're familiar with Icon's "Derelict" build series, you'll understand the sheer amount of custom work, fabrication, and labor hours put into this car. Though it wears the body panels of a '50 Buick, underneath sits an Art Morrison frame with a modern drivetrain. The engine is a 500-horsepower LS7 V-8—the same motor found in the last-gen Corvette Z06. Power gets to the rear wheels via a modern GM automatic transmission. There's also six-piston Wilwood brakes up front, air conditioning, and one-off custom wheels. Everything's been reinforced to handle the power and ensure it drives like a modern car.

According to the seller, the original engine Icon put in the car was recalled and replaced with a new factory unit. Additionally, the Icon-retrofitted iPhone mount in the dash has been replaced with a USB input. Other than those things, everything is as it was when it left Icon's shop.

The car is currently with a Buy It Now price of $315,000 or best offer. That's a lot of money, sure, but it reflects the quality of product you're getting. Plus, if you buy this car, you won't have to wait three years for Icon to build one for you instead.

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