The Manual-Swapped Eunos Cosmo of Your Dreams Is for Sale

Mazda never offered the Cosmo with a manual. This imported example fixes that.


Mazda never sold the rotary-powered Eunos Cosmo with a manual transmission. The JDM two-door was only ever offered with a four-speed automatic. Though it was more of a grand tourer than a sports car, we've always felt having a stick paired to that high-revving three-rotor engine would've been fun. Well, there's at least one person out there who thinks the same way, because they've swapped a manual into this Cosmo, and now .

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According to the seller, the transmission is a five-speed unit from an RX-7. The three-rotor engine is said to run strong, making good power from its sequential twin-turbo system. This is the only three-rotor street car Mazda ever built—the only other triple-rotor cars were Le Mans racers. Showing just 70,707 kilometers (43,935 miles), this Cosmo sports lowering springs, Gewalt mesh wheels, a stainless steel exhaust, an RE-Amemiya bodykit, and a very tuner-esqe aftermarket steering wheel.

Imported under the 25-year rule, the car with a Buy It Now price of $20,000. That's about double what you'd normally pay for an imported Cosmo, but considering the custom gearbox swap, we say that price isn't totally unreasonable.

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