One of the Rarest Mid-Engine Porsches Ever Made Is Coming Up for Sale

This center-seat 718 RSK Spyder is one of roughly four built. You can own it.


If the "normal" two-seater version of the 1950s Porsche 718 RSK Spyder race car is just too commonplace for you, we have good news: A rare center-seat 718 is coming up for sale via Bonhams this summer at Pebble Beach during Monterey Car Week. You should buy it.

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, this 1959 718 RSK Spyder is one around four center-seat examples built. Mirrors on either side are raised for visibility, while the windshield has been reworked to accommodate the driver position.

The 718 was the direct successor to Porsche's 550 Spyder. Sporting a tube-frame chassis, a lighter body, and a more powerful engine, it was incredibly successful in period, and remains one of the most desirable vintage Porsches out there. This particular car won the Leopoldville Grand Prix in Belgium at the hands of Christian Goethais, along with the Buenos Aires 1000KM. It still has all its original components, which is a .

This center-seat Porsche 718 RSK in Monterey during Car Week on August 15th and 16th, 2019. Sale price estimates have yet to be released, though considering Jerry Seinfeld sold his two-seater 718 for nearly $3 million in 2016, we suspect this one will fetch even more money.

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