The Carrera Club Sport Might Be the Best-Driving Air-Cooled 911

Weight saving is the key to enlightenment.

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Porsche built so many different variations of air-cooled 911 over the years, it's hard to pick a favorite. Maybe you're a fan of the early cars, or really into the turbocharged wide-bodies of the 1970s. No matter which is your favorite, you'll have to agree—the limited-edition Carrera Club Sport of the late 1980s was special.

Built for just two model years, the Club Sport was a special lightweight 911 featuring a flat-six engine with upgraded internals, lots of weight-saving measures and bespoke "CS" decals. Harry Metcalfe, host of , thinks it might just be the best vintage 911 out there.

Like many special-edition Porsche models, it's not what was included in the Club Sport that made it special, but rather, what was left out. Things like the rear wiper, fog lights, and underbody rust protection coating were deleted to save weight. Inside, the rear seats, radio, air conditioning, power windows, and even the passenger sun visor were removed. The result was a better-driving car that, at the time, was cheaper than the standard model.

The Carrera CS wasn't popular in period, with only 340 units sold worldwide. In fact, there was a time where these cars could be had for cheap on the used market. But those days are long gone. Club Sports now demand a heavy premium over normal air-cooled 911s thanks to their rarity and improved driving dynamics. Not surprising given the car world's obsession with Porsches.

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