This V12 Jaguar XJ-S Shooting Brake Is the Perfect Cross-Country GT

And you can own it.


If you're into V12s and shooting brakes (who isn't really?), boy do I have the car for you. It's a Jaguar XJ-S Lynx Eventer, a super-rare wagon conversion of Jaguar's V12-powered '80s grand touring car. This one's going up for auction this weekend, which means .

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Lynx Engineering, the UK firm behind the Eventer, got its start building C- and D-Type replicas, eventually moving into convertible conversions for the XJ-S before Jaguar offered a factory drop-top. Once the XJ-S convertible hit in dealerships, Lynx decided to take its conversions in another direction, and the Eventer shooting brake was born.

For the conversion, the XJ-S's hardtop, flying buttresses, and trunk were removed in favor of a long roof and a large greenhouse. The conversion looks shockingly factory, with no sign the car had ever been cut. It even retains the original taillight setup. And because it's a shooting brake, luggage space is vastly larger than a regular XJ-S.

Of the 67 Eventers produced, two have manual transmissions, according . Alas, this four-owner, 72,000-mile example—number 20 out of the 67—is an automatic. The ad's description says the car has undergone two restorations; one in 1999 and one in 2009, where it was repainted from brown to black. It was also recently converted from right- to left-hand drive, and equipped with a set of OEM wheels.

Bonhams will auction this car during its Monaco event tomorrow, May 11th 2018, . Considering the looks, rarity, and powertrain, we wouldn't be surprised if the winning bid exceeded six figures.

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