Fifth Gear Is Coming Back

Fifth Gear is back after a three-year hiatus. Let this video remind you what you've been missing.

What's the Best Classic Car Commercial?
There are some truly great vintage car ads out there. Which do you l…
Forza Horizon 4 First Trailer Revealed
Our first look at the newest installment into the Forza Horizon seri…
12 Best On-Board Nurburgring Videos

It doesn't get much better than this.

What's the Greatest Nurburgring Onboard Video?

We've all spent time watching 'Ring videos. What's your favorite?

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Audi's Vision Gran Turismo Is a 804-HP Electric Race Taxi and It's Actually Real

It may have taken Audi a while to get in to Gran Turismo, but it entered with a real car.

Why There Are Only Five Original Knight Rider KITTs Left
Four long seasons meant Universal built about twenty stunt cars for Michael Knight. Then, they had to get rid of most them. Only five h…
Why Cars are So Crucial to the Best Movies Ever Made
Filmmakers use automobiles as movie characters unto themselves. The relationship between the car and cinema is deep and complex. Let's …
Here's What Happens When You Ignore the Bridge Height Sign

The Slo Mo Guys set up a rig to test what happens when your tall truck hits a low bridge. It's pretty destructive.

When Fiat Advertised Its Cars by Crashing Down a Waterfall

The rear-wheel drive Fiat 131 was arguably the best stunt car of the 1970s. Yet it wasn't immune to bad timing.

Watch Top Gear's Stig Set a World Record in an 87-MPH Farm Tractor

Top Gear's "Trak-tor" sends 500 horses to its 54-inch Super Swamper tires, thanks to a Chevy small-block V8.

Netflix Series "Fastest Car" Pits Sleepers Against Supercars

Launching April 6th, the new original series shows home hot-rodders going up against the fastest, most expensive exotics in the world.

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Jaguar XJ220: The Video Game

This is something that exists.

Our Favorite Books About Cars, Racing, and the Automotive Hobby
Whether it's a technical handbook on how to improve your racing line or a creative examination of the hobby we love, these are our favo…
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Watch the 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Slide Around in the Snow

The most track-ready 911 ever is apparently a big fan of the white stuff.

Three Examples of Jeremy Clarkson Skiing Jaguars
For some reason, Mr. Clarkson seems to be obsessed with skiing in, or sometimes behind a Jaguar. It's been his favorite sport since 200…
The Newest Season of Top Gear Is Right Around the Corner and It Looks Great

Top Gear season 25 premieres next month. Here's what we have to look forward to.

The Porsche 911 Camera Cars of Ronin
John Frankenheimer's 1998 brilliant action thriller Ronin took more than 300 stunt drivers to shoot. Some were getting tracking shots d…
How the Internet's Favorite Safari Alfa GTV Was Destroyed

This '74 GTV suffered a real 'hold my beer' moment.

Top Gear Burned an Alpine A110 to the Ground During Filming

Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan were driving on a stage of the Monaco Rally when a warning light came on. Then, inferno.

Top Gear Is Back, and It Looks as Ludicrous as Ever

The newest trailer features jumping Alfas, Sumo wrestlers, off-road action, and of course, plenty of Chris Harris sideways action.

Now You Can Drive the McLaren F1 in Gran Turismo Sport

The January update adds 10 cars, and all of them are pretty good.

Drifting Without Stopping for 232.5 Miles
BMW's Johan Schwartz completed a sustained drift of 232.5 miles, while Matt Mullins executed a twin vehicle drift over the course of an…
Top Gear Season 25 Looks as Ridiculous as Ever

We don't know when the new season will premiere, but we're already excited.

Watch the World's Fastest Christmas Tree do 174 MPH on Top of a Challenger Hellcat Widebody

John Hennessey straps a Christmas tree on a brand-new Hellcat to see how fast he can deliver holiday cheer.


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