Amazon Posts Suspicious Job Listing for Temporary "Grand Tour" Host

"The successful applicant will join a long-established team of variously sized co-hosts and possess a strong knowledge of cars, metaphors and progressive rock music."


Amazon might be thinking the unthinkable and replacing Jeremy Clarkson on .

Earlier this month, Jeremy was admitted to the hospital and , later confirming that he would be and saying he was told by the doctors .

With currently filming, that just won't do, so Amazon has posted a "seeking a host for an original TV series," a "temporary position to cover an absence due to pneumonia."

Of course, preference will be given to "especially tall candidates with curly hair" and people who are "willing to pause before delivering the final word or words of some sentences."

"This role will work closely with the existing hosts, with duties including (but not limited to) accidentally setting things on fire, handling heavy machinery (badly) and being able to bloody-mindedly argue a point that no-one will ever agree," .

Quite frankly, there's only one person we can think of for the job.

Top Gear perfume?

In case the listing hasn't given you an indication, this is most likely a joke, but stranger things have happened.

And it'd be worth it just to see the look on Jezza's face.

The Grand Tour is expected to return for season two later this year on Amazon Prime.

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