How the Internet's Favorite Safari Alfa GTV Was Destroyed

This '74 GTV suffered a real 'hold my beer' moment.

YouTubeThe Hoonigans

The Bridan brothers' former daily driver 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV became an internet phenomenon after it got dropped from a flatbed a year ago. The guys decided to embrace the damage by going Safari, fitting Bertone's classic coupé with tall, narrow all-terrain tires. Various Land Rover and Ford Bronco springs and shocks added some ground clearance as well, and .

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Of course a former canyon champ with a cammed 2-liter and no torque was always going to be a horrible off-roader, but jumping a classic Alfa with an exposed two-piece oil pan still takes the daftness to a whole new level. Sky high, in fact, with a very hard landing.

I guess what invited guests need to remember is that the fate of their car at the Hoonigan shop is in their own hands. No matter who shouts "send it" first, the damage is gonna be all on you, so you better be damn sure you want to jump and risk that car. I think that jumping a small coupe with an exposed oil pan is idiotic, to be honest, but it's not my car. And the owner seemed to have fun, so more power to him.

Now, some more already-rare GTV parts will be used to fix this car, instead of ending up in a peppy road racer. Something this '74 used to be.

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