The Grand Tour's New Video Game Looks Like it Came From 2009

You can play as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, or James May. . . as long as you don't mind some less-than-stellar graphics.


Amazon today announced a new video game based on The Grand Tour, featuring the three stars of the show—Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. It also features some graphics that, frankly, look about ten years old.

The concept of the game itself is pretty interesting, featuring cars and locales from the two seasons of The Grand Tour—with more to be added from the show's upcoming third season. "If you've always wanted to come on the road with us, this is as close as you’ll ever get. Unless you kidnap James and steal his face," said Clarkson in a statement.

Clarkson, Hammond, and May did lots of voice acting for the game, and Amazon also highlights "cheeky power-ups like High Tea, which spills tire-shredding cups and saucers, and More Horsepowers, which lets you blow past the competition." So the show's sense of humor is be preserved.

It's just those graphics I'm still hung up on. Their low quality makes the game seem like a cash grab on Amazon's part, which it would be even if the graphics were up to the standards of other modern racing games. Perhaps we're spoiled by games like Gran Turismo and Forza, but man, this just looks out of date. It's worth mentioning the footage from the trailer is "pre-alpha," so it's possible the game will look better when it's released.

The Grand Tour Game will be available for and . Amazon hasn't announced a release date yet.

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