Your Best Name Suggestions for Clarkson, Hammond and May's New Amazon Show

They still haven't come up with a name, and they can't use the word "Gear." Let's help them out.


So Clarkson, Hammond and May are hard at work on their new automotive-themed streaming series on Amazon Prime. Well, sort of: As a teaser trailer published this morning revealed, they still haven't come up with a name yet. 

Friends, this is the call for help we all were born to answer. 

Given the limitation that Clarkson, Hammond and May in whatever title they came up with, we went to the greatest source of bored-at-work inspiration mankind has ever seen: Twitter. Here's what we came up with.

High Cog

— Travis Okulski (@tokulski)

Tall Ratio

— Travis Okulski (@tokulski)

Massive Pinion

— Alex Kierstein (@HanSolex)

Burning Petrol

— Collin Woodard (@CBWoodard)

Old Farts & Car Parts

— Collin Woodard (@CBWoodard)

Throbbing Pistons

— Collin Woodard (@CBWoodard)

Supreme Forward Speed

— Bob Sorokanich (@RSorokanich)

Three guys, A Car, and a Pizza Place

— Sen. Mallory McMorrow (@MalloryMcMorrow)

GRINDIN' GEARS & SHITTIN' SPROCKETS: coming this fall to

— Blake Z. Rong (@bzrong)

The Driveshaft Trio

— Collin Woodard (@CBWoodard)

Superior Synchronizer

— Ben (@BLucareli)

James the Wet Sprocket

— Alex Kierstein (@HanSolex)

And the winner, as determined by us:


— Chris Perkins (@Chris_Perkins1)

Got a better suggestion? Let us know in the comments below.

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