Pagani Zonda F badly wrecked in downtown Dubai

Shockingly, folks are blaming "excessive speed."


Oof. We should have put a warning at the top of this page for anyone who loves the Pagani Zonda F. That photo is painful to look at. 

Yes, according to , this screaming yellow Zonda had its sultry life cut short this past weekend after an unintended off-road excursion.

We're at the mercy of Google Translate to suss out what happened here, but Al Muraba indicates that excessive speed may have played a factor in this wreck.


Excessive speed, you say. In a 602-hp, sub-3,000-pound, carbon-fiber Italian supercar that did 0-60 in just a smidge over 3 seconds.

You don't say.

Our hastily Google-translated report also indicates that the owner had only had the car for a week before the crash. 

So that's one less Zonda on the road. But don't fret too much: While Pagani "officially" stopped building the Zonda back in 2013, with enough money you can still convince the supercar maker to build you a brand-new one today

Perhaps Mr. Pagani will be getting a call from Dubai soon.


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