Ken Block's Hoonicorn Mustang Makes 1400 Twin-Turbo Horsepower Now

Hoonicorn 2 gets a pair of gnarly turbos and runs on methanol now. Yeah, that'll roast some tires.


You know the Hoonicorn. Ken Block's 845-hp, all-wheel drive freak machine, very loosely styled after a 1965 Mustang, with a Roush Yates racing V8 under the hood.

There's even more under the hood now. Well, poking through the hood.

Block has been teasing the upgrades to "Hoonicorn 2" . They're extensive: Where once 845 naturally-aspirated horses lived under the Hoonicorn's hood, now 1400 of them rage, powered by methanol and belching flames through open-dump twin-turbos.

What's it sound like? Glad you asked.

Block says he'll reveal all the gnarly details of Hoonicorn 2 later today on his Facebook page. We can't wait to see what evil the Hoonigan team has created.

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