How Long Can an Engine Run Using Coca-Cola as Oil?

It's obviously a terrible idea to swap your engine oil for Coca-Cola, but just how bad an idea is it?

Beyond the pressYouTube

If you ever need a good way to waste hours of your time, we highly recommend on YouTube. It's full of videos showing everything from carbon fiber to a coilover spring and even a turbocharger getting crushed by a hydraulic press. We can't say we ever knew we wanted to know how a turbocharger reacts to being crushed, but we're glad we know now.

But the creators of that series also have a second, lesser-known series called . As the name suggests, there are no hydraulic presses involved, but it still answers questions you didn't know to ask. For example, in their latest video, they test how long a car can run when the engine oil is replaced with Coca-Cola.

Hopefully no sane person would ever think soda is an acceptable substitute for engine oil, but you have to admit you're a little curious to see exactly how long this engine will run. Does it blow up? Overheat? Magically run for hours? Check out the video below to find out.

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