Nine Cars You'd Swap This Ferrari F355 Engine and Gearbox Into

There's a full Ferrari F355 V8 and and six-speed manual transaxle on Bring a Trailer right now. These are the cars that deserve it most, according to you.

Alfa Romeo + Bring a Trailer

Yesterday, and accompanying six-speed manual gearbox came up for sale, so we asked you which cars would be best for a swap. These are the responses we saw the most.

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Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo 4C

The 4C has a firecracker of an engine, with plenty of turbocharged pops and bangs. But if you'd rather a naturally aspirated setup (and a real, actual manual transmission), we'd understand why'd you swap an F355 engine in.

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Pontiac Fiero

All jokes aside, the Fiero has the perfect mid-engine layout for the F355's transaxle, though you might have to do a little finessing to get the engine to fit. Also, we'd recommend beefing up the chassis and suspension to handle all that extra grunt.

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Porsche 911

We've seen a few mid-engine Porsche 911 swaps before, so putting this drivetrain in would definitely be doable. Just be prepared to replace the rear seating area with a Ferrari V8.

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Toyota MR2

Getting this drivetrain inside an MR2 might be a pain, but the end result would probably be very fun. Just don't be surprised when you realize you'll have to extend the wheelbase to get everything positioned correctly.

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Ferrari 308 GTB

If you want to keep the engine within the family, the 308 GTB could be the perfect candidate. Classic looks with more modern '90s power will have drivers grinning ear to ear.

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Mazda MX-5 Miata

C'mon, were you really expecting not to see a Miata on this list? Obviously, the layout of the Ferrari drivetrain doesn't exactly translate to a front-engine, rear-wheel drive car like the Miata, so whoever's doing the swap would have to decide between some sort of mid-engine conversion or some elaborate transaxle surgery.

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Fiat X1/9

We have a feeling it'd be tough to cram a big V8 into the X1/9's tiny engine bay, but with enough skill (or money), it can surely be done. The end result would be a lightweight missile of a car.

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Chevrolet Corvair

We're sure you could find a way to fit this drivetrain into the back of a Corvair. What we're not sure of is how it would drive. The Corvair was pretty sketchy from the factory, so tripling the horsepower would definitely make things interesting.

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After Honda put the dowdy Ferrari 348 in its place with the brilliant Acura NSX, Ferrari knew it had to up its game for its next mid-engined V8. The result is the F355, a car that still looks fantastic 22 years after its debut.
Another Ferrari F355

Some people are purists, and believe the only correct place for an F355 engine is in an F355. We'd bet it'd be cheap and easy to source one with a blown motor or some fire damage that'd be perfect for this powertrain.

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