Audi Is Taking Quattro Rallying Technology to the Moon

Audi is lending its all-terrain expertise to help Part Time Scientists build a Quattro-equipped moon rover.


We've known about Audi's plans for sending a for a little while now. Exactly what business Audi has on the moon is anyone's guess, as no automotive parts will be used in the rover, except for perhaps the four-ring Audi badge slapped on the front of the vehicle.

In a newly released promotional trailer, Audi further highlights its confidence in the Lunar Quattro's ability to traverse the moon's surface, which is apparently almost impossible to drive on, due to the fact that it is covered in powder "1,000 times finer than dust on Earth." Of course, if a bunch of jet jockeys could , it can't be quite as hard as Audi makes it sound.

Apollo 16's John Young and Charlie Duke didn't need Quattro

Audi has partnered with to bring the Lunar Quattro to life. Part Time Scientists is a team competing for the , a $30 million competition where competitors seek to land a privately funded rover on the moon before the December 31, 2016 deadline.

Even if it's not technically automotive, we dig the fact that Audi's supporting amateur space exploration. And we can't deny of this project.


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