Watch a Teen Build a Functional Two-Stroke Engine Entirely From Scratch

YouTube's "MakerJ101" used nothing more than scrap parts, a soldering iron, and a drill press to build this fully functional little engine.


What kind of hobbies were you tinkering with as a young college student? Maybe you were consumed by trying to keep a haggard old hand-me-down car running; perhaps you were so lucky as to have some kind of high-performance project car. Possibly, you were wholly dedicated to record-breaking consumption of beer and pizza. 

Probably none of you were building a fully-functional two-stroke internal combustion engine out of scrap metal, by hand. 

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But that's exactly what has been doing with himself. A prolific tinkerer and college student,  showcases the many ingenious projects he's taken on in his home workshop since 2011. And this six-part series that culminates in a fully functional, white gas-powered two-stroke internal combustion engine is a perfect example of what Hall is capable of.

Just think of what goes in to a project like this. Most of us would get lost just trying to sketch out all the components needed to build something like this. But using nothing more elaborate than a drill press and a soldering iron, Hall created a single-cylinder two-stroke engine that actually runs and revs. The only off-the-shelf part involved is the spark plug. We'll give Hall a pass on that.

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Hall's six-part video journal details every step of the process. Be warned: There's more than an hour of footage here. If you just want to see the payoff, . But you'll be missing out on a ton of truly brilliant basement engineering—and the unbridled excitement Hall can't contain when something goes right.

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Seriously—set aside an hour or so and watch all six YouTube videos below. Maybe even show it to your kids. Who knows? They could just be inspired to build a tiny two-stroke of their own.

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