This Ken Block Gymkhana Satire Is Hilariously Savage

Car Bros swap the Hoonicorn Mustang for a Honda Civic Wagovan in this spot-on parody of every Gymkhana video ever.


Look, you know we love Ken Block's Gymkhana videos. They're automotive fantasy in YouTube form, the real-life embodiment of a universal gearhead daydream: an empty city, wide-open roads, and the endless high-horsepower destruction of tires

That said, the Gymkhana series has been ripe for satirization for some time now. And finally, somebody nailed it. 

Yes, this is the latest product of , makers of hilarious spoof and parody videos aimed dead-center at gearhead YouTube. You can tell the people behind this video take their art seriously. It's got all of the elements of a Hoonigan production—the drone shots, the slow motion, the stylized title cards. The camera angles, the editing, the soundtrack, they're all dead-on.

And while there's plenty for a casual Gymkhana fan to appreciate here, the magic of Car Bros is how they bury little sub-jokes in there for the truly knowledgeable. How does that Honda Civic Wagovan keep switching from a naturally-aspirated V8 to a sneezing, whooshing turbo? 

Oh, and watch closely for a cameo from everyone's favorite idiot car flipper, Jack Diamond.

Go ahead, watch the whole thing. You truly will not believe what that weirdo little Honda can do.

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