The Shelby GT350 Sounds Crazy with This Aftermarket Exhaust

If you think the GT350 sounded good before, just wait until you hear it with long-tube headers and an X-pipe.


The Ford Shelby GT350 isn't a car you'd consider tame. It's the highest-performance trim of Ford's iconic Mustang, and it's not quiet about it. Packing an upgraded suspension, lightened interior, and of course, an outlandish flat-plane crank V8 that makes no less than 526 horsepower. It sounds like no other muscle car on the road, and most people don't feel the need to make it sound even more unique. The owner of this GT350 is not one of those people.

This owner didn't think his or her car sounded crazy enough, so they replaced the headers with long-tube items from Kooks, and dropped an O/R X-pipe in for good measure. The result, unsurprisingly, is nothing less than pure aural bliss. We didn't think a GT350 could sound any better, but this video, courtesy of , proves us very wrong. It contains over a minute of wide-open-throttle, rev-matching downshifts, and all the crackles and burbles you'd expect from one of the craziest muscle cars ever made.

If you're more of a smokey-burnout kind of person, Tyler has also of the car laying down black rubber patches using the Mustang's signature Line Lock feature. Long live the muscle car!

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