This Custom Mercedes 600 Tribute Is So Bizarre We Can't Look Away

Long live outrageous cars.


About a year ago, a photo of this car popped up on the Galpin Auto Sports Facebook page, supposedly as a tribute to . At the time, the word was that this rolling tribute to questionable taste belonged to Henrik Fisker, the designer responsible for both the Aston Martin DB9 and the BMW Z8. That rumor later turned out to be false. The car, though, is (unfortunately) real.

Recently a YouTube user called "effspot" found the car parked on the street in California and pulled over to take a closer look. Unlike the first video we saw, this one is much more clear, allowing us to see a lot more details on the so-called Royale.

As you can see, the work and the materials are clearly high quality, and we can only assume the conversion cost quite a bit of money. The problem is, the proportions are still way off, leaving it looking like a Kia Amanti that got the Pep Boys Special.

Looks can definitely be subjective, but we're still scratching our heads on this one.

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