Crashed Nurburgring Corvette Z06 spotted in Chicago

Talk about a random sighting...


Among all the things you might expect to come across while sitting in Chicago traffic, a wrecked pre-production Corvette Z06 on a flatbed probably isn't one of them. Yet here it was, captured and uploaded to YouTube, as such things are:

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And it's not just any old pre-pro Z06, either. This wasn't a crash-test car—not in the traditional sense, at least. Regular R&T readers have seen it before. We confirmed with GM that it's this car, the one GM had running full-tilt at the Nurburgring:

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It wound up , and eventually made its way back to the states. So why Chicago and not Detroit? GM ships cars internationally through O'Hare. In this case, it was followed by a final ride ignominiously strapped to the back of a flatbed.

I guess we'll have to wait a little longer for that (assuredly quick) Z06 'Ring time.

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