Frankfurt Auto Show

The Bugatti Vision GT Concept Has a Vicious-Sounding Engine

Bugatti's concept car that debuted at the Frankfurt auto show is a runner, and it sounds downright brutal.

Rolls Royce Will Build an Electric Car if...

The super rich demand perfection.

The New Jeep Wrangler Sunriser Concept is...

AWD and diesel goodness.

Rumor: Ferrari Says There Will "Probably" Be a V6...

Reduce emissions? Lighter weight? Fuel saving? "Probably."

Hyundai Launches N Performance Division With an...
The Korean carmaker wants to go after Lexus F, Mercedes-AMG, and BMW…
Peek Under the Skin of Porsche's Incredible Mission E Concept

Our first look at the mechanical layout of the stunning EV.

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2016 Ford Focus RS Hits 60 in Just 4.7 Seconds, Starts At $36,605

A new Drive Mode lets you kick the ass out on this hot hatch.

Mercedes IAA Concept Warps Freakishly to Lower Drag Coefficient

With a touch of a button, you can change the appearance of this Mercedes.

Volkswagen Multivan PanAmericana Concept is Verboten Ducati-Hauler

Apologies in advance to any Westie Synchro owners who die of heartbreak at the news it won't be coming to the U.S.

The Nissan Gripz Concept will be the CUV That Killed the Z-Car

Your sportscars are dead, and crossovers will feast on their bones.

Nissan Gripz Concept - Frankfurt Auto Show Gallery
The Gripz is born, and it is the way of things. Stand in its way and it'll flatten your outmoded ideas about what carmakers think enthu…
Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Faster Than Lamborghini Murcielago at Nurburgring

It runs the huge track in 7:39. The fastest sedan lap there, ever.

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The All-New 2017 Jaguar F-Pace Makes 380 Supercharged Horses

F-Type DNA and aluminum bones make it nearly the XF wagon you crave.

The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is the Next Veyron, Unhinged
Remove any semblance of comfort or the needs of the driver from the equation, and you have the ultimate Bugatti track car. And it's rea…
The Porsche Mission E Concept Imagines a Tesla-Fighting Panamera Replacement

More range but less outright quickness than a Tesla Model S P90D in Ludicrous Mode.

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The 2016 Lamborghini Huracán Spyder Can Top 200 MPH

The baby Lambo goes topless with new electrohydraulic and lightweight technology.

Meet the 591 hp Brabus-Tuned Mercedes-AMG GT S
Brabus alters the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8's ignition timing, fuel injection, and turbocharger boost to deliver for 591 horsepower and 5…
Lamborghini Will Unveil the Huracán LP610-4 Spyder at Frankfurt

We haven't seen the drop-top Huracán yet, but here's what we know about it so far.

The 261 HP VW GTI Clubsport Might Be the Ultimate Front-Drive Hot Hatch

And it actually makes 286 HP... from time to time.

Road & Track Live-Tweeted the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show
The 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show was a whirlwind of new production model reveals, and concept-y design studies for future models. From the …
Opel's Monza concept live at Frankfurt
Opel's Monza concept takes a step in the shooting brake direction, and is full of style, tech and greenness. If only they'd put it into…
Opel Monza concept
View photos of the new Opel Monza concept from the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show
Radical RXC brings Le Mans-style goodness to Frankfurt
Radical has taken to the streets with its road-legal, Le Mans-style RXC. Big power, low weight and lots of downforce come together.
Radical RXC Coupe
Radical has taken to the streets with its road-legal, Le Mans-style RXC. Big power, low weight and lots of downforce come together.
2014 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible
View photos of the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible from the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show
The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro looks awfully familiar
Chevrolet rolled out the 2014 Camaro Convertible at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The model wears all of the aesthetic updates of its …
The Lexus LF-NX's angular styling is vaguely extraterrestrial
In a growing class of expensive little SUVs, Lexus pitches in a frightening concept at Frankfurt aimed at offerings from Mercedes and J…
Lexus LF-NX concept
View photos of Lexus's newest concept, the Lexus LF-NX, from the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show
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