838-hp Mansory G-Wagen is for the falconer in us all

Falcon headrests and seats that look like Daryl Dixon's vest. 


Do we even need to explain what eccentric high-dollar tuner Mansory is all about anymore? The outfit does pretty much whatever it wants to, often ignoring the aesthetic intentions of its subjects' original designs and, well, taste. But that's okay, because occasionally this zero-f–ks attitude births genius stuff like a hyperluxury golf cart or this camouflaged  SUV. Especially stuff like this G-class.

You see, Mansory has layers, man, like an automotive onion. Just look at this G-wagen Sahara Edition it foisted on the  crowd. Sure, it looks more or less like any other G, only with a desert-camouflage body wrap, roof lights, and aftermarket 22-inch rims. But look closer. There's a special body kit with a unique carbon-fiber grille, front fascia, and wider fender flares. Don't worry about Mansory's claim that the front bumper is more off-road-oriented than stock; the ultra-low-profile 305/35R-22 tires ensure this is a pavement-friendly beast.


Hit the button on one of the four doors, hear the G-class's distinctive door latches unbolt, and yank that aperture open for a bit of a shock. Inside, Mansory continued the camouflage theme but at some point decided "to hell with it" and just kept adding more. More texture, more patterns, more materials—you name it, the Sahara Edition has it. There are seven unique colors, materials, and textures on the dashboard alone, and we're not even counting the contoured pedals or the gauge-cluster internals.

One of those patterns depicts stylized falcon feathers. Oh, yes. They're mirrored on the seat bolsters, where they take on a more winglike appearance—like Daryl Dixon's vest in The Walking Dead, and are joined by falcon heads embroidered on each headrest. We looked it up and, yeah, falcons are a thing in the Sahara desert.


What isn't a thing in the Sahara (desert), or at least as often, is an 838-hp Mercedes SUV. The Sahara Edition starts life as a 536-hp , but Mansory somehow found another 302 ponies from its twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V-8; torque is limited to 737 lb-ft, presumably to avoid ruffling any of the driveline's feathers. The pistons, rods, cylinder heads, and crankshaft are all new, and Mansory also fitted a new exhaust. 

Perhaps the only surprising aspect of the Sahara Edition is that Mansory didn't get its hands on a , but that doesn't matter. When you have falcons riding shotgun, you should probably grab your actual shotgun and your ostrich-feather hunting vest, flip the world the bird, and hit the dunes—or whatever it is Mansory customers will do with this epic ride.

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