Rinspeed Teams with Pop Artist James Rizzi at 2011 Geneva Auto Show


Swiss tuning company Rinspeed plans to go pop during the 2011 Geneva Auto Show. The Zurich-based company is teaming with pop artist James Rizzi, whose work will be found on the . The car's inflatable roof – yes, you read that correctly – is set to feature a hand-painted beach scene by Mr. Rizzi, along with the artist's signature "Rizzi bird" which will be affixed to the roll-bar.

The BamBoo is an electric-powered and extremely retro-looking little beach buggy. It's also surprisingly tame, at least judged against past Rinspeed concepts which could hover, swim underwater, or adjust interior lighting and the cabin's odor if sensors detected the driver was tired or driving angry.

Rinspeed says the BamBoo stands a good chance at production. However, the car's lack of side windows and minimalist doors would likely limit sales to sunny climates – and preferably ones where car theft is as rare as rainstorms.


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