Watch 14 vintage 1980s Tamiya R/C trucks pull a real Toyota Hilux

So much remote-control want is happening here.


Is your 1980s Japanese pickup truck stranded somewhere, in need of a tow? Pop 14 of these 1:10 scale Tamiya Hilux R/C trucks into 4-LO and it'll pull it right along. That's part of the magic of equipping an R/C truck with a working servo-controlled mechanical 3-speed transmission and 4WD. Just look at them bound over the sand dunes! They're absolutely perfect and now I'm hopelessly in love.

Fascinatingly, , although now it has a surfboard, no flare-side bed, and more of a mud-appropriate lift. It almost satisfies this new-found burning desire.

Period-correct kits seem to be hard to come by. There's an off-brand clone that's not quite as convincing on , and another slightly .

But the one in the video? The one that can tow a real truck, if you hook 'em together like a stagecoach team? An elusive beast. One day, I'll find it.

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