How to Fix Squeaky Brakes

Are your car's brakes squealing? There's a pretty cheap and simple fix you can do right at home.

A Love Letter to Vintage Volvos
Our love letter to the boxy station wagon that was in every driveway…
How to Fix a Broken Odometer

Keeping track of your mileage is important.

What To Do If You're Driving and Encounter a...
Flash floods can appear in an instant, and deliver enough power to s…
A Brief History of the Flying Car

For centuries, man has dreamt of taking his hotrod to the skies.

What do all those engineers DO anyway?
As cars evolve and become more complicated so does the life of the automotive engineer. We'll look at the history of the work product o…
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Aspirational to Asinine: The Changing State of Auto Ads
Automotive advertising has been around since the automobile made its debut. Always reflective of the times, auto ads have changed a lot…
smashed auto glass
Car Safety Evolved For the Better, Despite Some Terrible Ideas
From rattling deathtraps to airbag-packed, precision-crumpling panic rooms on wheels, vehicle safety has evolved along with the modern …
2002 Geneva Motor Show
Mechanical eye candy galore
2013 Mercedes-Benz CLC
Mercedes baby CLS scheduled for 2012 New York Auto Show.
2009 Hummer H3T Video
A crew-cab pickup version of this rugged off-roader.
2009 Chevrolet Traverse Video
The Traverse is scheduled to go on sale this summer.
2015 Lotus Elise
The Lotus edict of less is more may have left the room.
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Honda Open Study Model
It's designed to prove that green, low-emissions cars can be fun, too.
2009 Bentley Brooklands
Traditional British automotive power.
2009 Chevrolet Traverse
The Traverse is scheduled to go on sale this summer.
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