20-Year-Old BMW M3 Hits the Unrestricted Autobahn

An owner takes his car 90's BMW M car to the unrestricted Autobahn to see just how well that German engineering holds up.

Watch a Lamborghini Countach blast the autobahn
The video is utterly amazing, but the best part has got to be that s…
World War II bomb blows up the Autobahn
Authorities in Germany detonated a 1100-lb bomb leftover from World …
Is Germany taming the autobahn?
German politicians are debating the pros and cons of a permanent spe…
2013 Audi S7
150 mph Audi S7 High-Speed Hotspot
We know an Audi S7 will top 150 mph on unlimited stretches of German…
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Caught Testing: 2013 Porsche Cayman Video

The Next-Generation Cayman is spied on the Autobahn.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 on the Autobahn Video
200 mph top speed run on the Autobahn.
Lunch on the Autobahn
Photo by Patrik Stollarz A 60-km table feeds 3 million people from Duisburg to Dortmund. We all love the idea of Germanys Autobahn syst…
For Sale: One Pagani C9, Mildly Scuffed Up
This beautiful Pagani supercar is destroyed in a high-speed Autobahn crash.
Video: The R8 Odyssey: Part 1
R8 Odyssey, audi r8, 2010 audi r8, 2010 r8, long-term road test, road trip, road & track, audi, r8, private racetrack, spring mount…
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2009 Nissan GT-R
Could this be the best Japanese performance car ever?
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