automotive technology

The Ever-Vigilant Digital Eye
Optical recognition makes for intelligent cars.
BMW's Car-to-x Communications
BMW's Car-to-x Communications
Slowly but surely auto companies and OEM suppliers are developing in…
Driverless Car from VW
Sounds like an oxymoron doesnt it? But at the final presentation of …
A Cure for SatNav Rage?
Were driving in strange town or city and relying on the satnav that …
Ford Logo
Parental Advisory: Block Explicit Lyrics
You may have noticed how certain Sirius Satellite Radio channels are…
2010 Dodge Challenger R/T
Onboard CD Players: Going the Way of the 8-Track?
Back in the 1970s, in my little world, a Pioneer AM/FM Super Tuner with a cassette player was all the rage when it came to car stereos,…
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Robotic Car Attacks Pikes Peak
Stanford University plans an entry in this years Pikes Peak International Hill Climb that could well be a techies ultimate thrill ride.…
Full system_ghosted
Tomorrow's World
Ive just returned from a preview of Visteons latest concept car, the C-Beyond. Designed and engineered by the European arm of the troub…
Fiat Twin-Air
The new two-cylinder engine family made by FPT Fiat Powertrain Technologies called TWIN-AIR will be making its debut at the Geneva Mot…
Hybrids or Diesels? Or Both? Or Neither?
Food for thoughtsome portions of which, I advise, might be highly indigestible: Hybrids are heavy, expensive and no fun to drive. Plug-…
BMW is Bringing Start/Stop to the U.S.
During an interview with Dr. Klaus Draeger, BMW Group Board Member for Product Development, he let a tidbit slip out: BMW will be bring…
Brownstown Township
GM assembles first Volt lithium battery packs in new Michigan plant
In formally opening its lithium-ion battery assembly facility in Brownstown Township, southwest of Detroit, GM accelerates its plans fo…
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