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Why You'll Never See a Hybrid Rolls-Royce

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is the pinnacle of ultra-luxurious motoring. But it doesn’t have any kind of autonomous or hybrid technology—for a very good reason.

Sounds Like Apple Won't Build a Car Any Time Soon
Apple chief Tim Cook implies that the tech giant will focus on auton…
Grand Theft Auto Teaches Autonomous Cars to Drive
Developers are testing their self-driving cars by setting them loose…
What the Autonomous Future Means for Vintage Cars
In a world where cars are self-driving and don't burn fossil fuels, …
Google's Giving Up On Making Its Own Car
The tech giant will likely partner with automakers instead, accordin…
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Ford's Evasive Steering Assist Takes the Wheel When You Swerve

The system promises to guide your car to safety when you're trying to steer around an obstacle.

California Allows Self-Driving Cars Without Human Controls on Public Roads

California becomes the first state to allow cars without steering wheels to drive on public roads, albeit only in a specific region.

Ferrari Won't Build a Self-Driving Car, Thank Goodness

The supercar company sees a future in smaller engines, hybrids, and perhaps electric cars, but you'll have to drive them yourself.

Ford Will Put a Fully Autonomous Car On Sale by 2025

CEO Mark Fields promises a self-driving car for the people.

Apple Reportedly Lays Off Dozens Working on Self-Driving Car Project

Long rumored to be developing a self-driving car, Apple seems to be rethinking its automotive ambitions.

A Big Makeover Is Coming to the Parking Garage of the Future Thanks to Autonomy

Autonomous cars will cause some substantial changes in how parking garages are designed.

Tesla Motors Will Produce a Semi Truck and a Model 3-Based Pickup

Elon Musk's second "Secret Master Plan" for Tesla spells out his future intentions for the company.

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Police Say Laptop, DVD Player Weren't Running in Fatal Tesla Autopilot Wreckage
Investigators refute the claim that the driver killed in the Tesla Model S Autopilot crash was watching a movie at the time of the acci…
Tesla Autopilot Blamed in Model X Rollover Crash [UPDATE]

A 77-year-old driver says Autopilot was engaged when his Model X crashed on a Pennsylvania highway. No injuries were reported.

What It Was Like at the World's First Autonomous Car Track Day

When the self-driving car track day was announced, we thought it might be a gimmick. In reality, it's a look at the future.

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Google Patents a Sticky Car Hood to Keep You From Running Over Pedestrians

Google's goofy solution for car-versus-pedestrian accidents actually makes a lot of sense.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Will Have Self-Driving Tech

Alfa boss Harald Wester says fully-autonomous vehicles will help people "enjoy driving their car again."

BMW's Flagship for 2021 Will Be a Self-Driving Electric Car

BMW CEO Harald Krueger says the 2021 iNEXT will "bring the next generation of electro-mobility to the road."

Lyft Will Test Self-Driving Chevy Bolts on Public Roads Within a Year
The ride-sharing app will use Chevy's upcoming electric car to test autonomous technology—with a human in the driver's seat, just in ca…
The World's First Autonomous Car Track Day Is at Thunderhill Next Month

Bring your self-driving track car to Thunderhill Raceway on May 28th.

Chinese Company Behind Faraday and Aston Martin Has a Concept Car

LeEco has investments in two automakers already, but that didn't stop it from debuting an autonomous electric car of its own.

U.S. Army Begins Testing Tech to Enable Self-Driving Convoys This Summer

Beginning in June, the Army will road-test communications technology that could lead the way to autonomous big-rig convoys.

GM Just Gave Lyft a Half Billion Dollars to Make Self-Driving Taxis

The automaker is kicking $500 million at Lyft to "create an integrated network of on-demand autonomous vehicles in the U.S."

Why Google's Autonomous Car Partnership With Ford Is No Surprise

If the reports are true, this could be the beginning of a whole new form of transportation.

California Proposes Tightened Regulations on Autonomous Cars
New laws strictly limit how autonomous cars can be tested on public roads in California—now, every self-driving car needs a human co-pi…
Shadowy Electric Car Startup Faraday Future Doesn't Want to Make Money Selling Cars

We sat down with Nick Sampson, head of R&D and engineering, to try to figure out just what the hell Faraday Future has planned.

Google Self-Driving Car Pulled Over For Doing 24 in a 35 Zone

Apparently, our autonomous future drives like your granddad.

<p>Electric cars were always a joke until Elon Musk and his partners started Tesla Motors. The disruptive Tesla Roadster ripped from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. When the Model S appeared in 2012, it wasn't much slower. And last year Tesla gave us the P85D. Hell's a-blazin'! </p>
Elon Musk: In 20 Years, Non-Autonomous Cars "Will Be Like Owning a Horse"
On a quarterly earnings call, Musk—who once owned a McLaren F1—predicted that self-driving cars will become ubiquitous within two decad…

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