car safety

Slightly Taller Guardrails Could Save Your Life

But one inch too high, and they could be deadly.

Vettel Tests F1 Cockpit Shield for the First Time

This is the first we've seen of the new protective shield on a car.

Euro NCAP Celebrates 20 Years of Crash Tests
Euro NCAP celebrates its 20th anniversary by comparing the crashwort…
A Rare Peek Inside Mercedes' Safety Center

They crash cars, we survive crashes.

Ford's Evasive Steering Assist Helps You Swerve
The system promises to guide your car to safety when you're trying t…
Porsche Recalling Some 2017 Macans for Tendency to Oversteer

A Porsche oversteering? We never heard that before.

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This Is Why Cars Are Safer Than Ever

Crash tests, chassis structures, and autonomous technologies all work together to form a safer car.

Camaro Burnout
Here's Exactly Why Tire Pressure Is So Important to Your Car

Everyone can use a reminder on how tire pressure affects fuel economy, traction, and handling.

NTSB wants collision avoidance tech in every new car
The safety agency recommends that automakers should offer advanced collision avoidance systems in every new vehicle they sell.
Revitalize old, clouded headlights quickly and easily
Over time, the plastic that makes up your headlights will degrade and cloud over. If yours aren't shining quite like they used to, here…
Which headlight restorer works best?
We test and rate the top 5 restorers and let you know which will deliver the best shine.
These cars are death-proof
The IIHS found nine models with zero driver deaths in accidents. Stuntman Mike's Nova wasn't one of them.
Overriding Unintended Acceleration
Overriding Unintended Acceleration
Unintended acceleration is a term that has garnered headlines for decades. Most famously, Audi was accused of it in the mid-1980s, then…
Subaru EyeSight System with TSA Option
Subaru EyeSight System with TSA Option – 2012 New York Auto Show
Lets get the April Fools bit out of the way first. At next weeks 2012 New York Auto Show, Subaru claims it will unveil its EyeSight sys…
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Jeep Compass Fails to Impress Euro NCAP
In what will be seen as a setback for sales in one of Europes fastest growing sectors, the recently refreshed Jeep Compass achieved onl…
BMW's Car-to-x Communications
BMW's Car-to-x Communications
Slowly but surely auto companies and OEM suppliers are developing integrated safety systems that can help achieve the holy grail of acc…
GM Unveils First Front Center Airbag
General Motors is set to bring the industrys first front center airbag to its 2013 model year Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and Chevrolet T…
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Men vs. Women Drivers
The UKs Institute of Advanced Motorists has opened up that old can of worms about who make the safest drivers: men or women. According …
No School Attendance, No Driver's License?
A news release appeared in my email this morning, posing an interesting question: Should lawmakers continue to propose laws that link d…
Crazy Kyle
Youve probably heard by now about Kyle Buschs recent skirmish with the law, in which he was cited for driving a Lexus LFA 128 mph in a …
Small Cars Safer Than Ever: Six Named Top Safety Pick
2011 Honda CR-Z front impact test As demand for small, fuel efficient cars has grown dramatically over the last few years, automakers h…
Nissan Leaf Earns 5-Star Safety Rating
Electric vehicles offer the peace of mind of zero emission driving, but many car buyers still have serious concerns about EV safety. He…
Tata Motors Begins Exports of Nano, World's Cheapest Car
Indias Tata Motors has announced that it has begun exporting its Nano city-car. According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufactu…
Ford Logo
Car Seats That Can Warn You of a Heart Attack
Being hardwired into a car could soon take on a whole new level of meaning, thanks to Ford Motor Companys ongoing development of seats …
Volvo Wins Emergency Braking System Award
Volvo got their rotor on this week, taking top honors in an emergency braking test against some of the biggest names in the auto indust…
Not Your Average Electric: Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt Named Top Safety Picks
Earth Day has come and gone, but some tree-huggers are still finding plenty of reasons to celebrate. Both the all-electric Nissan Leaf …
The Sound of Silence
Electric vehicles and hybrids are giving manufacturers a new set of safety challenges. Because they operate virtually in total silence,…
Ford Wants to Build You a Better Pothole
In many parts of the world, the onset of spring means the blossoming of flowers, the chirping of birdsand the annual bottoming out of a…
mini text driving
BMW Mini Cooper Joins the New Jersey Police Force
A ride in the back of a police car is never a comfortable place to be, even less so when the car in question happens to be a tiny Mini …
Euro NCAP Crash Tests its First Electric Car
When youre in a crash, the last thing you care about is whether your car is saving the planet. Yet according to recent crash tests cond…
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