Car Performance Fads That Need to Go Away

For many new cars, these features are par for the course. They shouldn't be.

When You Go 1000MPH, Rubber Tires Simply Won't Do
The laws of physics are stacked against Bloodhound SSC, but that won…
All the Ways Your Car's Engine Can Lose Power
Wear and tear can reduce your engine's horsepower and torque. Here's…
Preston Tucker's Inventions
A look at the patents and inventions of Preston Tucker reveal that h…
10 Real Horror Stories From Lemon Car Owners

Buying a lemon sucks—here's the proof.

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Slightly Taller Guardrails Could Save Your Life

But one inch too high, and they could be deadly.

Why Are Car Thermometers So Inaccurate?

For starters, they're not actual thermometers.

Airbus Just Built This Transforming, Flying Concept Car

The 'Pop.Up' is many things but it's unclear if "real" will be one of them.

A 1980s Volvo is Cape Cod and Bean Boots in Car Form

Our love letter to the boxy station wagon that was in every driveway from Portland to Palm Beach.

Paris Bans All Diesel Cars Made Before 2000

Cars designated Level 5 in new emissions categories are no longer allowed on Paris roads.

mario andretti f1
These Are the Greatest Driving Innovations to Come From Formula One

From brakes to spoilers and beyond.

Watch this 100 MPH RC Car Powerslide Through a Flamethrower Blast in Slow Motion

It gives new meaning to the term "Hot Wheels."

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How to Figure Out What's Wrong With Your Car

Basic car mechanics for the auto inept.

The Secret to Being a Great Driver

Self-proclaimed "Mistress of Motors," Jeannette Klein, weighs in—and her answer might surprise you.

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Here's What 25 Years of Development Does to Safety Technology

A brand new 90's Nissan (literally) faces off against its modern sibling.

The Fine Art of Driving

It's about the connection with the car, not the destination.

This Is How You Become "The Car Guy"

The Co-founder of Classic Car Club Manhattan, Michael Prichinello, takes us back to the exact drive that turned him onto cars forever.

How It's Made: Aluminum Cars
Aluminum has become a wonder-material for some carmakers. And why not? An aluminum-bodied car has the potential to improve fuel economy…
Elio Hired The Onion to Make a Commercial and It's Pretty Great

The startup three-wheel carmaker's first effort at going mainstream is a surprising success.

GM Is Using Glue to Build Its New Cars

The new construction method saves 700 pounds of weight in the new Acadia.

The M2 Is BMW's Cayman GT4 Moment

Unlike some of BMW's products, the M2 makes perfect sense. That's why it's so damn good.

Here's Every Pop-Up Headlight That Ever Popped

From the Matra Murena to the Alfa Romeo Montreal, these lights are poppin'.

What Makes This Mercedes-Benz The Most Intelligent Car on the Road

The new 2017 E-Class introduces substantial innovations in driver-assist technologies, interior design and safety

Watch the Best Japanese Sports Cars of 2001 Battle

NSX. Skyline GT-R. RX-7. WRX. Lancer Evolution VII. Need we say more?

Watch A Civic Type R Tear Up An Impossibly Narrow Track

Best MOTORing gives Honda's nutty 306 horsepower Civic a thrashing.

A Brief History of the Flying Car

For centuries, man has dreamt of taking his hotrod to the skies.

Here's Why More Cars Don't Have Gullwing Doors

They look cool as hell but here's why they've never caught on.