Diesel Scandal

VW Agrees to Fix, Buy Back Cheating 3.0-Liter TDIs

The vehicles affected include the Volkswagen Touareg, Audi Q7, and Porsche Cayenne Diesel.

More Audi Emissions Cheating Software Discovered
Reports say Audi's transmission software could detect emissions test…
<p>We'd love it if <a href="" target="_blank">the GTI</a> still made this list, but unfortunately, the days of a sub-$25,000 GTI have past. But what you <em>can</em> still get is a regular Golf with a manual. Pick either two or four doors, and you'll have an outstanding hatchback that will still <a href="" target="_blank">hit 60 mph in less than seven seconds</a>. </p>
VW Claims TDI Defeat Device Is Legal in Europe
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EU Knew About Emissions Manipulation Before VW
Did a relaxed attitude on diesel emissions set the stage for VW's ch…
VW's New Strategy Is All About Electric Cars
As the diesel scandal leaves VW bruised and battered, the automaker …
FTC Sues VW for Calling Emissions-Cheating Diesels "Really Clean"

Knowing what we know now about VW's TDI cheat, these ads are cringe-inducing.

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