distracted driving

This Company Wants to Pay Drivers to Snitch

Text to Ticket wants to create an army of highway vigilantes, catching distracted drivers and profiting from it.

nissan signal shield
Nissan Wants a Faraday Cage in Your Car
Preventing distracted driving by locking your phone in a signal-proo…
Busted for DUI...of a McDonald's Double Quarter...
Georgia police busted an Alabama man for eating a big 'ol burger whi…
Driver drops cigarette, bails out of van,...
It would appear that smoking counts as very distracted driving, with…
America is losing the war on distracted driving
As in-car gadgetry proliferates, those who battle the destructive ef…
The best distracted-driving PSA ever
You'll know what's coming when you watch this ad, but these moviegoers have no idea. And the powerful message will stay with them for a…
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Achewood on distracted driving makes me infinitely happy
If youre not an Achewood regular, you should be. Heres the best argument weve heard against distracted driving.
Budget Battle and Distracted Drivers
Is it appropriate for the federal government to pay to keep its citizens from driving distracted? Thats part of a budget battle now tak…

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