The Glorious Sound of this Ferrari-Powered Toyota
Ryan Tuerck's outrageous Ferrari-powered Toyota drift machine is nea…
Tuner Plans Hyundai Engine Swap for Porsche 911
Bisimoto's latest creation is going to offend a lot of Porsche puris…
<p>Owing to their ubiquitousness, people have stuffed pretty much every engine imaginable into the back of a Beetle, but this <a href="" target="_blank">13B-rotary powered Beetle</a> might be the coolest. This one makes at least 250 horsepower and runs the quarter mile in the 10s.</p>
This Is a Rotary Turbo VW Beetle

Jay Leno drives a Beetle unlike any you've ever seen before.

Yep, There's an E46 M3 With an M5 V10 and 6-Speed Stick For Sale in the UK

The dreamiest BMW engine-swap Frankenstein ever lives just across the pond in England.

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This 400-HP 2JZ-Swapped Datsun 260Z Is Gloriously Sketchy

Four-hundred horsepower and a lot of rust. It's perfect.

This Duramax-Swapped Camaro is Ate Up With Torque

A pair of slick diesel builds are pumping out nearly 1000 lb-ft of torque.

Watch a 1000-HP Toyota Celica Lose All of Its Lug Nuts

Maybe Toyota Celicas weren't meant to pack this much power?

A GTI-Powered VW Pickup Takes the Hot Hatch Idea to its Logical Extreme

Rabbit GTI power and handling, with way more cargo capacity.

This awesome BMW 1M sounds a lot like an M3
How did they fit all that motor music in such a tiny coupe?
Flyin' Miata Mazda MX-5 V8
We took the Flyin' Miata out for a drive, and found out the car is not so much a Miata as it is a pint-sized Viper. By all accounts, th…
Turbodiesel Nissan 240SX!
A Nissan 240SX with a 3,000-RPM redline doesn't fit the stereotypical import-tuner profile, does it? That's because the owner swapped …
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