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Why a 10 MPG Peterbilt semi is a really big deal
Cummins and Peterbilt co-develop a truck that could translate into a 35-percent reduction in annual greenhouse gases per truck, as well as getting up to 9.9 mpg.
Honda Develops Three New Sport Hybrid Systems
Honda has released some details on three new hybrid systems that wil…
2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Staying one step ahead of the hybrid herd.
2012 Toyota Prius C
The C stands for City, Compact, Compatible...
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London Gets New Double-Decker Bus
Photo by Ben Stansall/Stringer/Getty Images After a brief flirtation with extinction, Londons iconic double-decker bus is staging a com…
Ford Offers Santa an Eco Sleigh
Santa might be getting ready to travel the globe in his traditional nine reindeer-power sleigh but Ford has come up with a concept slei…
2012 Mitsubishi i Ranked Top in Fuel Economy
The Toyota Prius has lost its crown as the most fuel-efficient vehicle. When the EPA published the 2012 Annual Fuel Economy Guide that …
Jaguar XF Averages 52.3 mpg
Jaguars XF 2.2 diesel which left New York eight days ago has completed its 2884 mile run to Los Angeles averaging 52.3 (US) mpg, making…
Record Breaking Passat
A Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled by a standard production passenger…
Shell Fuel My Passion Contest
Enter to Win Free Shell V-Power Gas for a Full Year
Whats better than free gas for a year? How about a year of V-Power premium gas from Shell. Five lucky winners will get just that. Heres…
Shell Eco-Marathon Americas
I was in Houston last month and had the opportunity to see the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas. Its an international event that challenges …
Would You Like a Van That Gets 44 mpg?
I sure would. Unfortunately, the Nissan NV200 Combi is not sold in the U.S. This front-drive 5- or 7-seat Nissan is for the U.K. market…
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Does the U.S. need a $7000 new car?
According to The Wall Street Journal, Tata Motors of India, the makers of the Nano, the worlds least expensive car, is planning to buil…
Photos: Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
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10 Most Popular Cars of the Year - 2009 Toyota Prius
Say the word hybrid and most likely you'll get Prius in response.
10 Most Popular Cars of the Year - 2008 Kia Rio
Kia's Rio and Rio5 are fun and efficient.
10 Most Popular Cars of the Year - 2009 Toyota Yaris
The subcompact Yaris is proof that exotic technology is not necessary to achieve stellar efficiency.
10 Most Popular Cars of the Year - Ford Focus
Not only is the Focus at the leading edge of efficiency, but technology as well.
2009 Honda Fit
Making the most of its 1.5 liters, the new Fit doesn't throw out the fun with frugality.
10 Most Popular Cars of the Year - 2009 Honda Fit
If the first model was cute, then the new Fit is simply cool.
New Cars for 2009
Discover the least vs. most expensive, least vs. most powerful, best technology, least vs. most fuel-efficient and more!
2009 Honda Fit
The fuel-efficient, style-rich 2009 Honda Fit can be yours for only $14,550.
A Fuel-Cell Car in Our Driveway
Three days spent with Chevrolet's hydrogen-fueled Equinox.
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