Nick Mason Crashed His McLaren F1 GTR at Goodwood

Pink Floyd's drummer will now need to call McLaren Special Operations for their carbon fiber first aid kit.

Seven of the Best-Sounding Cars at Goowood
In no particular order, these seven cars were the most enjoyable to …
Renault's Vintage Goodwood Collection Is Fantastic
A three-time speed record holder from 1934, a rear-engine Twingo, an…
It Doesn't Get Much More British Than This 1929...
Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin's Bentley driven by Richard Charlesworth at G…
Watch an Angry Group B Peugeot 205 T16 Rip Through the Forest

This vintage racer from the wild days of Group B rallying just sounds utterly ferocious.

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Watch a Gaggle of Vintage F1 Cars Duke it Out at Goodwood

Old F1 cars don't belong in a museum, they belong on a track.

You Must Watch This Hour-Long Video of 28 Ford GT40s Racing at Goodwood

This is the most GT40s you'll ever see on a racetrack, being driven to the absolute limit.

Watch the Fastest-Ever Lap Around Goodwood in a 1966 Lola T70 Spyder

Just because it's vintage racing, doesn't mean it's slow. No sir.

Watch 3 Le Mans-winning Porsches Fire Up at Goodwood
The 936, 962C, and semi-privateer WSC-95 growl for the camera at night at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Ride Along As a Koenigsegg One:1 Runs Wild at Goodwood
The 1,360-hp Koenigsegg hypercar set a blistering pace up the hill at Goodwood.
Ride along on that record-breaking sideways drive up Goodwood
Stunt driver Terry Grant explains how he pulled off his amazing two-wheel balancing act, complete with video from inside the car.
Watch a Mustang Shelby GT350R scream up the hill at Goodwood
The quintessentially English Goodwood Festival of Speed gets a dose of rip-roaring American horsepower.
Watch the bestial Ford Focus RS drift around a track
Ahead of its run up the hill at Goodwood, Ford put the 345 hp Focus RS through its paces at Lommel Proving Ground.
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Watch 16 McLaren F1 GTR race cars scream at Goodwood
Short-tails, long-tails, every sort of F1 GTR you can imagine were out at the 73rd Members Meeting at Goodwood. Watch them lap, and get…
This Lister Jag is "The Supreme XJS" according to itself
Modesty isn't part of this Lister Jaguar XJS's brief. The cylinder heads themselves proclaim it to be the ne ultra of all XJSes. A…
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