Mercedes R63 AMG Owner Completes $57,000 Rebuild

This is the most complex way of avoiding dealership parts markup we've ever seen.

snow blower
Snow Joe Made a Cordless Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Clear driveways mean more room for cars.

Six Basic Maintenance Items You Shouldn't Forget

They're not complicated, but they're essential.

McLaren Needs This 20-Year-Old Laptop to Maintain...
McLaren is still using a computer from the mid-nineties because it's…
What you need to know about your car's cooling...
Cooling-system problems won't just stop you, their wake of destructi…
Fogging Oil
Winter storage: Getting your engine all (oil) fogged up
If only all automotive maintenance projects were supposed to end in a cloud of smoke. That's the intention when "fogging" an engine bef…
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How To Fix Pontiac Sunfire Engine Temperature Problems
While I'm driving my car's engine temperature plummets and ruins my fuel economy. Help!