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How to Make a Demon-Beating Challenger Hellcat

The Dodge Demon does the 1/4-mile in 9.65 seconds. Here's what it takes to go quicker in a "regular" Hellcat.

Jon Olsson Mods his Huracan With Camo And Widebody
Yet another of Jon Olsson's supercars gets the signature customizati…
This Rare Porsche 924 Shooting Brake Is For Sale

Now's your chance to own this one-of-nine two-door wagon Porsche.

This 763-Horsepower 959 Can Keep Up With a 918
Canepa Motorsport's 'Generation-III' upgrades for the Porsche 959 in…
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This Tesla-Powered Kit Car Is a Modern Hot Rod

The age of electrified hot-rodding is upon us.

Driving a 700 Horsepower Acura TL Is Understandably Insane

A stripped out supercharged Acura putting all it's power to the front wheels is unsurprisingly sketchy.

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This is Why Everyone Loves the Mazda RX-7

The third-generation RX-7 is considered one of the greatest Japanese sports cars of all time. Here's why.

The Shelby GT350 Sounds Crazy with This Aftermarket Exhaust

If you think the GT350 sounded good before, just wait until you hear it with long-tube headers and an X-pipe.

Watch an 800-Horsepower Golf R Beat Beat Every Car at a Drag Race

This VR6 swapped, twin-turbo Golf is a supercar-beating wolf in sheep's clothing.