Drive Flashback: the 1965 Ford Mustang's European Vacation

Our man in Paris tells how it is to drive a Ford Mustang in Europe.

Drive Flashback: 1966 Ford Mustang by Bertone
That time a car magazine bought a Ford Mustang, shipped it to Italy,…
The Galpin Rocket Speedster Will be a Rare...
The topless Rocket Speedster made its debut on the Concept Lawn at t…
Official: 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R Will...
Its slightly less ferocious sibling, the GT350, will start at $49,99…
The 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 was a Brute...
"For the racing driver, it will also be a source of great amusement,…
<p>You can equip other, less-expensive Mustangs to still be a blast, but <a href="" target="_blank">the one you really want is the Mustang GT</a>. Equipped with the Performance Pack, it's not&nbsp;good&nbsp;for a Mustang. It's downright good.</p>
Chris Harris Thinks the Ford Mustang GT Makes Sense for Europe

Still brash, but no longer crude. Harris thinks it's a breath of fresh air for Europeans stuck in pokey diesel hatches.

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The 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350R Will Weigh 3650 lbs

Ford has at long last revealed a key Mustang Shelby GT350 specification: the lightweight, hard-core R model's weight.

Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang Gets Standard HUD Shift Indicator

Both the GT350 and GT350R will get the LED shift indicator with 3 different modes of operation.

Meet the new 750+ hp Shelby American Super Snake
For $49,995 (on top of the cost of the Mustang GT), the standard Super Snake package includes: a supercharger, a 3.73:1 rear axle, and …
What it's like to track a pristine Ford Mustang Cobra R
Twenty years and just 523 miles after leaving the showroom, this 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R reaches the racetrack.
Sideways Shootout: 228i vs. Mustang Ecoboost vs. FR-S
The latest crop of driver's machines from BMW, Ford, and Scion go head-to-head on the tightest, twistiest, 100-foot-drop-so-don't-clip-…
228i vs. Mustang Ecoboost vs. FR-S - Road Test Photos
On back roads, fun trumps speed, handling trumps grip, and four cylinders are more than enough to get you in trouble.
Your last chance to do 170 mph in a Boss 302 at Miller
For the next 4 months, that is. Unless a miracle happens, Miller Motorsports Park is closing, and the Ford Performance Racing School is…
Roush Stage 3 Mustang cranks out 670 hp and 545 lb-ft
Roush really underestimated what the RS3 package would produce. Earlier, they said 630 hp. We like surprises.
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The 2016 Shelby GT350 suspension is an engineering nerd's fantasy
Ford Performance showed us the hidden tweaks they used to create the ultimate Mustang.
This 1965 Shelby GT350 R should bring in $1M (or more)
With a class win at the 1967 12 Hours of Sebring under its belt, and a 325-hp 289 underhood, this original early-production Shelby GT35…
Does the new Ford Mustang video show the next Fiesta?
Potential Easter Eggs lurk in the background of Ford's new video.
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Vaughn Gittin, Jr hits the ice in the 2015 Mustang RTR
Vaughn Gittin, Jr. has a new car and a new livery for 2015. To show it off, he found a frozen lake and bolted up some studded tires.
Galpin-Fisker Mustang Rocket - First Drive Photos
The 725-hp Henrik Fisker-designed Galpin Rocket—a carbon-fiber-bodied, supercharged 2015 Ford Mustang GT.
$125K Galpin-Fisker Mustang Rocket heads to production
The Henrik Fisker-designed, carbon-fiber-bodied, Galpin-tuned Mustang officially goes into limited production.
1500 hp Turbo Ford Mustang
Watch this 1500 hp turbo Mustang destroy a GT-R
What has as much horsepower as a Koenigsegg Regera and can punch a Nissan GT-R in the throat? This Mustang.
Watch a Mustang drift through China's abandoned ghost city
Vaughn Gittin says farewell to the Year of the Horse by drifting a pony car through the eerie Chinese ghost city of Ordos.
Love Richard Petty? You'll love this 627hp Ford Mustang
Ford's building 143 of these limited-edition Mustangs to commemorate the King.
This is what a 195-mph Ford Mustang looks like
No, that's definitely not stock. It's a Hennessey Performance GT HPE700, sporting a 2.9-liter blower.
2015 Ford Mustang 2.3
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost - Photo Gallery
It's a damn shame this car's wrapped in a Mustang body. The shared sheetmetal means it will always be held against the mighty GT, and a…
Roush's EcoBoost Mustang exhaust still doesn't "sound like a Mustang"
This uncorked, turbo-burbly exhaust for the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost will do nothing to win over traditionalists. And that's fine.
Ford SSP and 2015 Mustang four-cylinder
I drove the very first Mustang highway patrol car
The very first prototype Mustang police car lives in Nashville, Tennessee. I borrowed a 2015 GT and made the pilgrimage to drive the ca…
2015 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack
2015 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack - Photo Gallery
Taking a new horse to meet an old pony.
2016 Ford GT350R
Ford Mustang GT350R may have destroyed Camaro Z/28's 'Ring record
Unconfirmed reports say the Mustang Shelby GT350R shaved more than five seconds off the Z/28's Nürburgring lap time.
For the first time ever, the Mustang is on sale in the U.K.
Two engines, two body styles, lots and lots of money.