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Race Cars vs. Road Cars: Track Battle

Best Motoring brought together a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and a Ferrari F355 Challenge and raced them with their street-legal siblings.

Watch This R34 Skyline GT-R Fly Up a Hillclimb

It seems there's nothing Skylines can't do.

There's Nothing More Intense Than a Tarmac Rally

The speeds double, but the roads don't get any safer.

Watch These 100-Year-Old Race Cars Battle Sideways
The cars might be a century old, but they can still go sideways like…
This 1998 F355 Challenge Race Is The Best Way to Spend an Afternoon

Back in the late '90s, Formula One used the F355 Challenge series as a support race, and it was full of nothing but gentleman drivers.

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Your Daily Reminder That Hillclimb Cars Are Great

There's nothing like the sound of anti-lag to push you through the rest of the day.

Hop In an Ultra-Rare Aston Martin as it Races Around Sebring

There's nothing better than flat-out historic road racing.

Here's 11 Straight Minutes of Pro-Spec Hillclimb Action

At a tarmac hillclimb, anything goes—including open-wheel Formula racers.

Watch This 2JZ-Swapped BMW E30 M3 Break 200 MPH in the Standing Mile

The legendary E30 M3 keeps surprising us in the most unlikely of ways.

These are 5 of Ayrton Senna's best laps
No driver in the modern era could quite 'get in the zone' like Ayrton Senna. To celebrate the icon, we've compiled five of his best lap…
In this Mopar drag race it's 440 Six Pack vs. 426 Hemi
Watching drag races always gets the blood pumping, but a good old-fashioned heads-up race between a pair of rare and classic Mopars is …
Watch Alonso casually extinguish his burning Ferrari
Looks like he's had practice at this. Guess there really is something to that old joke about Ferraris catching fire.
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Watch tiny hatches race angry in Britain
There is more rubbing in this one lap than in an entire season of WEC. Think Australian V8 supercars with Suzuki Swifts.
24 Hours of LeMons, in a nutshell
Do you want to race crapcans? Sure, we all do. But what's it really like? GoPro shows us what $1000 of racing budget is good for.
The reward for passing 107 cars in 9 laps is a blown engine
The triumph and tragedy of racing absurdist hoopties may have reached its final form in the last ride of the Turbo Taxi.
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Lancia Martini Racing's 1983 highlight reel is motorsports gold
From Group B rally competitors to powerboats and flame-belching sports cars, Lancia and Martini were rock stars in 1983. This short fil…
The Google Glass pit stop
Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing goes first-person (impact wrench) shooter for an Indycar pit stop and practice session.
Watch Kamui Kobayashi's epic F1 troll move on Vettel
Red Bulls Sebastian Vettel takes his job very, very seriously. While that mentality has helped make him a World Champion, it also leave…
Nico Rosberg takes the greatest video selfie ever
When he got the chance to drive Juan Manuel Fangios Mercedes W196, Nico Rosberg used the opportunity to take the selfie to end all self…
Ride along on Indy's new road course with Sebastien Bourdais
Brickyard has a new $5 million road course that's set to host the inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis. Get a preview of the revamped I…
Good to have you back, Porsche
Porsche has returned to top-flight endurance racing after a 15-year absence with the 919 Hybrid. See how the debut unfolded in this lat…
Audi R8 GT3 test mule caught on video at Monza
Audis R8 GT3 program has been a huge success. Thats set to continue with the second-generation R8 GT3, which is already in testing.
Worst crash in Lucas Off-Road series history results in broken pinky
Still not sold on all this safety stuff we plug? Watch a Lucas Off-Road truck roll six times and then catch fire. The driver walked awa…
Watch Simona de Silvestro in her first Sauber F1 test
Just months after Sauber named her an affiliated driver, Simona de Silvestro has gotten her first go-round in a Formula 1 Grand Prix ca…
Watch inside and out as a 710-hp Camaro drifts Long Beach
At the Formula D kickoff event in Long Beach, Tyler McQuarrie's GoPro-sponsored LS7-powered Camaro was studded with cameras. Now you ca…
Watch Toyota's hybrid plot its attack on Porsche and Audi
Toyota dominated Audi and Porsche in the WEC season opener. See how the TS040 got ready for the race in this latest video from DRIVE.
Watch a NISMO GT-R overtake 17 cars in one lap
Most of the time, careful strategy and patience are the keys to success on the racetrack. Other times, they just slow you down.
BMW readies their M4 DTM for the 2014 touring car season
With a championship run in 2012 and a successful season last year, BMW's motorsports division heads for the Hockenheimring with a new D…