inside tesla battery

tesla model s

Take a Look Inside a Tesla Battery

By throwing one off a roof.

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The best-selling horror author took his Tesla to the dragstrip. He c…
Tesla Model S 70D announced, becomes new base...
The Tesla Model S 60 is dead. Its replacement delivers more equipmen…
The Tesla P85D sounds so weird on a drag launch
We've seen a lot of videos of the P85D racing other cars, but alone?…
Watch a Ferrari F12 take the Tesla P85D's lunch...
A reminder that sometimes, brute force just plain wins.
Tesla Model S adds optional "Executive" rear seating
New option lets Tesla buyers skip the middle rear seat for four-passenger executive luxury.
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Software update magically makes the Tesla Model S P85D even faster
Elon Musk says the over-the-air update will beam down even better acceleration to your electric super-sedan.
Watch a young Elon Musk take delivery of his McLaren F1 in 1999
Watch flip-phone-using, oversized-blazer-wearing young upstart Elon Musk gawk in glee at his brand-new 1999 McLaren F1.
Watch how Tesla P85D "Insane Mode" acceleration blows people's minds
Instant torque and McLaren F1-beating acceleration from a silent electric sedan. You'd be shocked, too.
Tesla Model S - Photo Gallery
Photos of the 2013 Tesla Model S, including burnout photos we accomplished by pulling the right fuses.