amazon drone patent


Amazon Patent Could Send Drones to Refuel Your Car

If you run out of charge in the middle of nowhere, let the drones bring you some juice.

A Scientific Explanation For Why Traffic Happens

You probably cause more congestion than you realize.

Chinese State Media: Traffic-Beating Bus a Scam

It's not even really a bus.

This Traffic Simulator Shows You How Jams Form in...
Watch careless virtual drivers cause massive traffic jams just like …
John Deere-"driving" dog crashes on Scottish...
Border collie named Don unhurt in incident, makes face you can't get…
Congo's robot uprising will begin with these traffic lights
Kinshasa has the best traffic lights. Or the worst. You decide.
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Street sign says "Cross the Street, Then Update Facebook"
For drivers, another that reads: "It's a speed limit, not a suggestion."
Lane splitting on motorcycles
Lane splitting will change your life, not end it
It makes traffic tolerable, it's fun, and it's safer than the alternative. Why isn't lane splitting with a motorcycle legal in 49 state…
The worst Fiat driver, a biker gang, and an Italian funeral
A tiny parking space, an inept Fiat driver, a biker gang, and a funeral. Traffic in Italy is horrible, and now we know why. Witness the…
Put trucks in their place: the right lane
With trucks restricted to the right lane, the rest of us would be able to travel at a safe, reasonable speed without the dangerous traf…
Building bigger roads may make traffic worse
Traffic jams are the worst. Ever wondered why cities dont just add an additional lane to busy freeways? Turns out, bigger roads might b…
22 cars = 1 Traffic Jam
Wherein the Japanese use a skidpad to quantify something other than g's.