Stick-Shift Turbo Honda Civics Finally Hit Dealers

If you choose to row your own, you get more torque and save $800.

BMW's New Diesel Six-Cylinder Has Four...
BMW's new quad-turbo diesel inline six makes 394 horsepower and 561 …
The 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera Enters the Turbo Era
The Carrera and Carrera S, formerly naturally-aspirated, go twin-tur…
2016 Lexus GS Gets Turbo, Rear-Drive...
Restyled, re-engined GS200t drops in Monterey at the Pebble Beach Co…
Infiniti Q50 Will Get Mercedes-Benz Turbo 2-Liter...
That'll help, but we're even more interested in the rumored twin-tur…
Report: Boxster and Cayman Turbo Flat Fours Will Have 240 to 370 HP

All turbo lineup of boxer fours will replace flat-sixes in all but the highest-tier, limited-edition cars.

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Rumor: BMW's Next Diesel Engine Will Have FOUR TURBOS

Apparently taking a page from Bugatti, BMW is allegedly adding a fourth turbo to its 3.0-liter diesel inline-six.

Drive Flashback: 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo
Twenty-two years ago, we got our mitts on Toyota's bestial Supra Turbo. It was legendary, then and now. Read our first impressions.
Listen to Ferrari's new turbo-powered 488
The naturally-aspirated 458 is kaput. This is how the future will sound.
Polestar to tune Volvo Drive-E turbo engines
Volvo is down-sizing engines across the range, but that doesn't mean that the Drive-E family will miss out on the Polestar treatment.
The most expensive Buick GNX ever sold
Barrett-Jackson makes history by bringing in record money for this 362-mile G-body.
Meet Toyota's tiny new turbo four
Just 1.2 liters big, the 8NR-FTS aims to be miserly rather than sprightly.
Magnus Walker flogs his super-rare RHD Porsche 930
A first-year 930 produced in right-hand drive makes it a 1-of-15 car. Magnus pits it against a 2015 911 Turbo to see if the new car can…
Report: Your next Honda Civic might pack a turbo
An Automotive News report tells us where Honda might be putting its new turbo engines: the next-generation Civic.
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Next Honda CR-Z to ditch hybrid, get 2.0 turbo
The engine from the new Honda Civic Type R? A less crazy variant is earmarked for the next-gen, not-a-hybrid CR-Z.
Porsche Cayenne diesels get quicker launches
The quasi-heretical compression-ignition Porsche SUV will get a little quicker thanks to Performance Start. The holeshot mode is good f…
1500 hp Turbo Ford Mustang
Watch this 1500 hp turbo Mustang destroy a GT-R
What has as much horsepower as a Koenigsegg Regera and can punch a Nissan GT-R in the throat? This Mustang.
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For the brave, this 1981 Alpina B7 Turbo is worth it
For those afraid of unobtainium parts and the cost of shipping from Japan, move along.
Porsche 911 Turbo, Turbo S get new Aerokit package
More downforce without additional drag? Porsche engineers love a challenge. It'll cost ya, though.
Ferrari 488 GTB storms into the new turbo era
Bid a fond farewell to the all-motor 458. This is its 661-hp turbocharged replacement. Ferrari's new turbo era starts in earnest at the…
Ferrari 488 GTB - Photos & Video
Behold, the 661-hp, 560 lb-ft turbo V8 replacement for the Ferrari 458 Italia. The new 488 GTB will make its formal debut at the 2015 G…
If the Ferrari 458 turbo sounds like this, sign us up
Lower redline hints that the purest remaining Ferrari is going forced-induction.
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost: Who needs a V8?
It's an issue of perception. The EcoBoost is overshadowed by big brother, but it doesn't deserve to be.
Five-Door Fury: The modern German crossover shootout
We let a trio of boosted, all-wheel-drive hatches indulge their animal instincts.
Watch Ken Block slide the 2016 Ford Focus RS around
Remember, this is coming to the US, and it'll have AWD.
Porsche engine chief: future 911s will likely go turbo
Everything but the GT3, that is, according to an interview with exec Wolfgang Hatz.
Stop everything and listen to the new Ford GT
The most evil growling, whistling monster of a V6 you've ever heard. What a beast this thing is going to be at full tilt.
Honda's bringing turbocharged VTEC engines in 2015
At the Detroit auto show, Honda announced a new family of VTEC turbo four-cylinders.
Why Ferrari engineers don't like turbos

Turbos don't always provide the benefits that carmakers claim. Lower emissions, more performance? Let's take a look.

Volvo Drive-E Inline-3 Cylinder Turbo Gasoline Engine
Volvo's new inline-3 is on the way, could make up to 180 hp
Drive-E gets downsized for CMA-platform cars and possibly the 60-series.