Emissions Laws Made BMW Build a More Powerful M2

Yes, you read that right: The 2019 BMW M2 Competition gets 405 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque thanks to tougher emissions laws.

The Brabham BT62 is a 700 Horsepower Track Slayer
Brabham Automotive's first product will be limited to 70 units with …
Le Mans Will Be Broadcast on Velocity This Year
Velocity and Motor Trend will broadcast the entire 2018-2019 WEC Sup…
2019 BMW M2 Competition: Here It Is

BMW's baby M car just received a serious performance boost.

Ken Block Is Coming Back to Rally
Block will race his newly prepped Cosworth in stage rallies througho…
Red Bull Global Rallycross Reportedly Ceases Operations

The series is apparently ceasing operations for this season, and it's unclear if it will return.

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Ford Will Replace the Fusion With the Mustang in NASCAR

In 2019 the Camaro and Mustang will face off in NASCAR against their biggest rival: the Toyota Camry.

Every V12 Powered Car You Can Buy Today

Because 12 cylinders are just the best.

The New Porsche 911 GT3 RS May Have Set a Sub-Seven Minute 'Ring Time

Nurburgring observers have witnessed a 911 GT3 RS setting some seriously quick unofficial lap times.

Tesla Got Kicked Off a Fatal Crash Investigation by the NTSB

The regulators say Elon Musk spoke too soon about the details of the inquiry.

Formula 1's Live Streaming Race Coverage Begins in May

F1 TV will launch in time for the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix, with prices starting at $8 a month

Pininfarina Is Relaunching as a High-End Electric Car Brand
Automobili Pininfarina will start with an electric hypercar in 2020, while continuing to have "interesting discussions" with Rimac abou…
Mercedes Confirms an Electric S-Class Is Coming

In order to compete with the Model S, Mercedes is electrifying its flagship luxury sedan.

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Apparently, Zagato Will Re-body a Gallardo Once Again

But will the roadster version of 2014's L595 also remain a one-off based on outdated technology?

Buy an Audi R8 in Rear-Wheel Drive, Save $26,000

The lighter, simpler, more oversteer-y Audi R8 RWS sounds like kind of a bargain!

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Watch the Porsche 919 Evo Lap Spa Quicker Than an F1 Car

Running a 1:41.770 around the Belgian circuit, Porsche's prototype beat Lewis Hamilton's record by 0.783 seconds.

2019 Audi A6 Avant Is Beautiful, Even if it Won't Come to the US

Audi has "no plans" to bring the A6 Avant to the US. I'm going to look at it longingly regardless.

Formula 1 Races on ESPN Will Be Commercial-Free for 2018
After a disastrous start to the season during the broadcast of the Australian GP, ESPN has decided to eliminate commercials altogether.…
There's Not Enough Alcantara For Everyone Who Wants It

The Italian company that makes Alcantara, also called Alcantara, is doubling its manufacturing capacity.

This Is the 2019 Ford Focus

While the Fiesta might not be coming here, the same can't be said about Ford's flagship hatch.

The Next Land Rover Defender Will Come to the US

Plus Alonso's hopes and Labonte's return.

We'll Let You Decide If the Facelifted 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Looks Good

The SS looks like Bumblebee from the last Transformers movie and there's a new four-cylinder 1LE.

Watch This Amphibious Vehicle Belly Flop Into the Ocean

The Indonesian marines really know how to run their vehicles hard. Maybe too hard.

How This Tiny Tank Could Help Keep Construction on Track

Doxel uses next-gen imaging technology and artificial intelligence to make sure large construction projects are error-free.

Tesla Is Now Making 2,000 Model 3s Per Week

It falls short of the goal Elon Musk started back in January.

Mercedes-AMG Will Stop Selling V12 Cars

It seems the future for AMG is V8s and electric motors. Not V12s.

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