Mastering 1938's Le Mans Winner Today

What was pretty much the fastest French race car before the war broke out only got faster over time. Meet the Delahaye 135 CS.

See-Through Rotary Engine Slow-Motion Video

The beauty of Wankel's design shown in super slow-motion.

The VW Up GTI Is a Modern Mk I Golf GTI
The modern Golf GTI has become a behemoth compared to the original. …
Here's Why Toyota Added a First Gear to its CVT
Continuously variable transmissions are great for efficiency, but fo…
Jaguar XJ220: The Video Game

This is something that exists.

The Eadon Green Zeclat Makes a Wonderfully Familiar V8 Rumble

The Corvette-based Geneva star doesn't disappoint in the noise department.

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Here's Why Manufacturers Test Cars In Extreme Weather Conditions

Harsh weather is perfect for discovering weak points in new cars, this way customers don't have to.

The One Detail on the New Porsche 911 GT3 RS That's Purely Cosmetic

Porsche's motorsport models are all about function. But one detail on the GT3 RS isn't.

You Can't Beat the Sound of a Racing V12

The Maserati MC12's engine may not be as powerful or efficient as new turbocharged engines, but it definitely sounds better.

The Jaguar XJR-15 Is a Genuine Street-Legal Race Car

Jaguar's forgotten supercar is a monster.

A V12 Toyota Century Is the Definition of True Luxury

Other car brands have come close. But Toyota nailed it back in 1997 with its ultimate luxury JDM cruiser.

This Russian Truck Will Soon Be the Most Outrageous Analog Camera in the World
How do you make an ambrotype large-format camera and darkroom portable enough to go to the most beautiful places on earth? Build it on …
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Driving a Mad Group B Car To The Post Office

The beauty of top-level rally cars is that they are road legal. Even Group B cars.

Driving a 1965 Shelby GT350 For 43 Years

Steve Beck was 18 when he bought his GT350 for $900 in 1975. He's been driving it both on and off the track ever since.

Meet The Five Lightest Factory Porsches

No, that weirdly glorious 918 Spyder mule is not on this list.

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Behold The World's First Concept Car

1938's Buick Y Job also became GM's Design VP's daily driver for almost thirteen years.

This Home-Built Air-Cooled 911 Turbo Is Surprisingly Tame

Turbocharged air-cooled 911s are known for their tendency to snap oversteer. This one is different.

This Spanish Mountain Pass Is the Best Driving Road You've Never Heard Of

Add the Port de la Bonaigua to your automotive bucket list

Here's an Incredibly Detailed Explaination of How Direct Injection Works

Want to learn everything there is to know about direct injection engines? Start here.

This Tesla-Powered '81 Honda Accord Is a Silent Acceleration Rocket

Zero to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, going where no first-gen Accord has gone before.

Here's the Driver's View From the 2018 Formula 1 Car With New Halo Head Protection

Mercedes gave Valtteri Bottas a helmet camera for his first laps in the team's 2018 car.

The BMW 840Ci Was the Everyman's Super-Luxury GT Cruiser

Can't justify spending six-figures on a V12 two-door? If you're willing to live with four fewer cylinders, BMW had the answer in 1994.

The Classic Car World Needs to Pay More Attention to the Alfa Romeo Montreal

You only have to hear that V8 exhaust note once to confirm the Montreal is a truly special Alfa.

How a $100,000 Range Rover Compares to a $20,000 Suzuki Off-Road

One is chock-full of technology. The other is basically an overgrown tractor. Which one is the king of the off-road?

Three Examples of Jeremy Clarkson Skiing Jaguars
For some reason, Mr. Clarkson seems to be obsessed with skiing in, or sometimes behind a Jaguar. It's been his favorite sport since 200…
The Carrera T Is the Porsche 911, Semi-Stripped

After Porsche threw upgrades at its back-to-basics 911, the Carrera T ended up being too expensive to fulfill its mission.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R and Corvette Z06 Offer Shockingly Similar Performance

Despite the price gap, these cars have a lot more in common than you think.

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