Watch the R34 GT-R's First Best Motoring Battle

Before it could become a legend, it had to prove itself against the competition.

How Italdesign and Giugiaro Saved the BMW M1
BMW's first supercar nearly didn't happen. Designer Giorgetto Giugia…
Intentional Racing Crash Leads to Fight, Arrest

Please don't do this.

This Stock-Looking Honda Civic Si Has 500 HP
Save for some aftermarket taillights and a couple of stickers on the…
Yes, You Can Drift a Ford GT
The Ford GT was designed to be neat and tidy at the track. That does…
Jeff Zwart's Yellow Porsche 914-6 Is No Compromise

After high school, the now famous director couldn't afford a 911, so he bought the next best Porsche with a flat-six: a 914-6.

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Are the Best Land Rover Defenders Made in Holland?

Two Dutch friends teamed up to build the most enjoyable Defenders money can buy.

Taking a McLaren 570GT to Scotland Looks Like Heaven
Bruce McLaren might've been a Kiwi, but you can trace his ancestry to Scotland. Coincidentally, the road cars that bare his name are pe…
Ken Block's Newest Donut Machine Is One of the Coolest Rally Cars Ever

The Escort Cosworth is a four-wheel drive drift machine that came from the WRC's golden age in the 1990s.

What If Your Co-Driver Is a Nine-Time Le Mans Champion?

And what if your car is from 1961, and it's raining outside?

The 1991 Pontiac Trans Am GTA Was the End of the Line for the Third-Gen F-Body

This was the last update the third-gen Firebird received before it was replaced. It was a fitting send-off.

Watch Koenigsegg Destroy Bugatti's 0-249-0 MPH Record

What the Bugatti Chiron can do, the Koenigsegg Agera RS can complete 5.52 seconds faster, reaching 250 mph in the process.

Driving a Ford GT40 to Win at the Spa Six Hours

Bruce McLaren was a fan of the GT40 for multiple reasons, all of which come to shine during a six-hour endurance race at Spa.

Watch a Porsche 962 Pull a Wheelie

At a 1987 IMSA GTP race at Lime Rock, Al Holbert was racing hard.

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What It's Like to Drive an Aston Martin Vantage GTE Le Mans Race Car

The trickiest thing about a modern race car isn't the power or the grip—it's the brakes.

This Is What a 1950's Ford Le Mans Racer Would Have Looked Like

Ford didn't go to Le Mans in the 1950s. Nobody told Bruce Leven that.

A 1956 Porsche 356A Is 85 Horsepower of Joy

Here's yet another victory for the slow-car-fast brigade.

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The Honda Insight Was Hybrid at Its Most Basic

Which means it will always be fixable, even if it'll never be fast.

A Toyota MR2 With a Supercharged Camry V6 Is a Lotus Evora On a Budget

A new Lotus Evora 400 costs nearly $100,000. Or you could build your own mid-engine sports car with a blown Toyota V6.

Tesla's Shop Foreman Has Owned 36 First-Gen Toyota Corollas, So Far

Big Mike's favorite Corolla Levin is a fully built rally car running its seventh engine, ready for another swap to reach perfection.

Here's a Toyota That's Really Grounded to the Ground

The Toyota Corolla's 'Tommi Makinen Edition' in the hands of fellow Finn Juho Hänninen.

Watch the Outrageous 1990 Racing Film That Inspired Ken Block's "Climbkhana"
Finnish rally driver Ari Vantenen’s 1988 Pikes Peak record run was immortalized in the film Climb Dance, a huge inspiration behind Ken …
Watch an Extremely Gutsy Pass at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Driver Renger Van Der Zande pulled this corkscrew move right out of the Alex Zanardi playbook.

This Wild, 600-HP Supercar Was Designed by the Man Behind the Ferrari Enzo

Designer Ken Okuyama's Kode 57 is based on the Ferrari 599 and styled as a tribute to the original 1957 Testa Rossa.

The Trolls Royce Is Better Than Any Car You'll Ever Own

With a big gnarly turbocharger and a suspension built for off-roading, this 400-hp stick-shift Rolls is an outrageous delight.

Here's a Hyundai Faster Than the New Genesis G70

Luckily for us, testing for the 2018 World Rally Championship never stops.

Ken Block Nearly Lost It With His 1400-HP Mustang at Pikes Peak

This is where all-wheel drive comes handy.

A 50-Year-Old McLaren Race Car Doesn't Mellow With Age

The car that made Bruce McLaren a Can-Am legend is still as demanding today as it was back in 1967.

Confirmed: The New TVR Griffith Needs Its Traction Control

Flooring this 500-hp lightweight sports car on a cold morning goes from "s**t" to "f***ing hell" in no time.

This David vs Goliath Battle Shows Why the Goodwood Revival Has the Best Racing

How much chance does a tiny Austin A40 have against a Mk1 Jaguar and its big straight-six power? The key is late braking.

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