Different Shades (and shapes) of Green


As with most motor shows these days, Geneva was awash with manufacturers displaying their green credentials in a bid to persuade the buying public they aren't collectively suffocating the planet.

Some, and Renault for instance, display eccentric designs and concepts that are way out there, not even remotely similar to their mainstream petrol- and diesel-powered cars.

, however, is developing its strategy, which shows a clear link to the company's DNA, but reinterpreted for electric power.

On the other hand, chief designer J.Mays told me that the Blue Oval company will retain its standard design throughout its lineup. Only a few styling tweaks would differentiate Ford's future range of EVs and hybrids from the more common petrol- and diesel- powered products.

"We want these buyers to be seen as part of the Ford family, and not be considered separate or somehow different from others," says Mays, who adds that it's a part of the "One Ford" strategy.

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