Lehto's Law

The Story of the Most Famous Dodge Charger Daytona

The world's most famous Daytona was just thought of as a tax write off at one time.

Up Close With an Authentic Plymouth Superbird

Driven by Ramo Stott, this is a rare piece of racing history.

Chrysler Taught Lazy Turbine Car Drivers a Lesson
The Chrysler Turbine Car inconvenienced its lazier operators for a r…
Why the 1967 Corvette Is So Desirable

1967 is a meaningful year in Corvette history. Here's why.

Nuclear Engineers Built a Steam Powered VW Beetle

A true zero-emissions solution.

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What to Do If You Lose Your Car's Title

So you lost your title. Here's how to get a fresh one, even if it isn't in your name.

This Car May Be the Greatest Barn Find Ever

An as-new Isotta Fraschini that was possibly never driven? That's crazy.

That Time the President of Mexico Rode in a Turbine Chrysler Fueled by Tequila

The Chrysler Turbine cars could run on anything flammable. That includes tequila.

The Tucker 48 Nearly Had an Engine Larger than the Dodge Viper

The secret story of Tucker's failed six-cylinder monster.

The Plymouth Superbird Was Slower than the Dodge Charger Daytona
Plymouth designers made minor changes to make the Superbird more aesthetically pleasing. But those changes hampered the car's performan…
The Worst Lemon Ever Built

The Renault Alliance even made the Gremlin look like a star.

The Missing V12-Powered Tank Tucker Built to Dominate World War II
Called the Tucker Tiger, it was quicker and lighter than comparable tanks of the day. But when the military didn't commission it, it di…
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Don't Assume the Person Changing Your Oil Is Actually a Mechanic

An oil change shop employee isn't necessarily a mechanic, so be skeptical of the advice they give.

A $3 Million Tucker 48 Prototype Was Discovered Stuck in Mud Behind a Barn

The Tin Goose, as this prototype is known, was the first "Car of Tomorrow" that Preston Tucker built.

The Top Ten Things Used Car Buyers Need To Know

Buying a used car? Don't get screwed.

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It's Unbelievably Hard to Get the Government to Pay to Fix Your Car After it Hits a Pothole

So you hit a pothole, damaged your car, and want the government to pay for it? Good luck.

The Secret Story of Richard Petty's Long Lost Plymouth Superbird

In the early days of NASCAR, some significant cars went missing. This Superbird that belong to The King was one of them.

You Can Get a Speeding Ticket Below the Speed Limit

Basic speed law, explained.

Is It Illegal to Leave Your Car Running Unattended?

It can be. But it isn't always.

The Surprising Legal Ramifications of Having a Dashcam in Your Car

Want to make sure your mechanic isn't messing with your car? Be careful, a dashcam could actually get you in trouble too.

Can You Get a DUI for Drinking Too Much Coffee?

Sounds ridiculous, but a case in California right now seems to say just that.

The Ultimate Tuner Shop Horror Story

He owed way more than a 10 second car.

The Politics Behind Getting a Long Stolen Muscle Car Returned
We hear a lot of stories about stolen muscle cars being returned to the owner decades later. Here's how it happens and how to protect y…
The Fascinating Story Behind the Plymouth "Paint Chip" Barracuda

Marketing material brought to life.

Buying An "As-Is" Used Car Is About to Be Less Confusing

An important change to the buyer's guide.

Crawl Over Every Detail of a Charger Daytona and Plymouth Superbird

We get up close and personal with two of the greatest muscle cars to ever leave Detroit.

Even a Steering Wheel Falling Off Twice Doesn't Make a Car a Lemon

Two strikes aren't usually enough. You need three.

These Cheaty Scoops Are What Really Made the Dodge Charger Daytona Spectactular

The wings and nose were important, but these small scoops are how Dodge really got the advantage.

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