Watch this Three-Rotor RX-8 Rally Car Throw Dirt at People's Faces

370 horsepower going to the rear wheels on dirt seems like a recipe for fun.

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RX-8s are starting to get real cheap. The last rotary-powered sports car from Mazda was never as appreciated as the RX-7 it replaced, and as a result, running examples can be found online for . That means people are starting to turn them into race cars.

New Zealander Marcus van Klink decided to transform this RX-8 into a fully prepared rally car. In place of the original 13B-MSP two-rotor wankel engine sits a 370-horsepower naturally aspirated 20B three-rotor engine from a Eunos Cosmo. That, suspension, wheels, tires, aero, and a bunch of other mechanical updates make this RX-8 a real contenter on the stages.

And since it's a rotary, it sounds fantastic too. The unique wailing soundtrack is something no piston-powered car can replicate, so seeing this car going flat-out is a real treat. Did we mention it shoots flames?

Watch for yourself as this RX-8 rally car charges through the forest.

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